Roz Cran

Lives in Brighton
Attended event in Bexhill on Sea

I'm an artist / printmaker who asks questions and likes dressing up. How do we comfort ourselves?
How does the experience of past generations affect us? Who and what are we? How does a pig live its life? Becoming, becoming other, becoming animal, vegetable, mineral?

I make objects, books, videos, costumes for the characters I perform. I wonder at the power of imagination and the mystery of other beings in the world. I have created a cast of characters. Each character is taken to a chosen site where it is allowed to act. I film and photograph what happens.

What are you most well known for?
Videos and photographs of the characters I have become: Leopard Lady, Holy Rabbit, Berlin Bee, Tree, Stone, Mis(s) Fortune Teller.

What are you most looking forward to about Hen Weekend?
Mini golf. Talking to lots of interesting people about ideas for new work, new shows and new collaborations - seeds and sprouts.


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