Jeanie Finlay

Lives in Nottingham
Commission for event in Bexhill on Sea

I'm an artist and film-maker who makes work for galleries, the web and for broadcast. The last two pieces of work I made were about the home and the impact of individuals on a personal space - housebound older people in Home-Maker and teenager's bedrooms in Teenland.

My new work is a feature documentary about Goths and explores the lure of dressing up and the life-long lifestyle choice. I'm interested in real life stories, quiet people and using a series of small stories to tell larger narratives. I'm obsessed with portraiture and I'm a secret geek.

What are you most well known for?
Home-Maker and Teenland, but in general making intimate documentaries that live in galleries, on the web or on TV.

What are you most looking forward to about Hen Weekend?
I'm looking forward to a (childfree) weekend away, meeting some nice people and possibly some entertaining karaoke moments. Also finding out whether it's different for girls.

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Jeanie Finlay
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