George Mogg

Lives in Oxford
Attended event in Bexhill on Sea

I am a freelance artist, gallery educator and curator. I work with a variety of arts organisations to deliver gallery education projects, produce exhibitions and present my own work.

Over the last two years I have been developing a body of video work that records moments of light and shadow play, created by a variety of sources: car headlamps, reflections from industrial materials or the glow from a mobile phone. Primarily I am interested in the ways in which such patterns can describe an action or gesture, revealing another aspect to common place occurrences.

What are you most well known for?
Site-specific interventions in the environment; such as suspending 1000 copper pennies wrapped in wire within the branches of a Beech tree at the Chiltern Sculpture Trail.

What are you most looking forward to about Hen Weekend?
An exchange of dialogue between curators, writers and artists, and discussions which examine these roles and what they mean to the Hen Weekend participants.

Chiltern Sculpture Trail

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George Mogg
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