Hen Weekend Events

Hen Weekend events take place at arts venues in UK seaside resorts.
The participating artists travel to and meet up in these classic holiday destinations to embark on a fun and relaxed programme of activities. The collaborating arts venue in each town acts as a base-camp for the weekend's programme.

The focal point of a Hen Weekend is the seminar session. This provides an opportunity for each of the participating artists to present their ideas / work to the group. The format of each presentation is open. Artists may choose to give a straightforward talk about their work or instead do performances, organise participatory activities or screen films etc. Each event is different and dynamic and is shaped by those attending and what they choose to present.

Alongside the main seminar session, other less formal and more archetypal 'hen party' activities are interspersed, taking place around the town. These provide the opportunity for relaxed, informal discussion allowing participants time to get to know one another and to have some fun. Activities may include: eating, drinking, karaoke, dancing, outdoor adventure, local attractions, boating, crazy golf and walks along the seafront.

List of Events
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