Ellie Harrison

Lives in Nottingham
Hen Weekend coordinator

I am an artist and curator living-it-up in the Midlands until further notice. I founded Hen Weekend in summer 2006 to support female artists, writers and curators enabling them to meet up, have fun, discuss ideas, create links and embark on collaborative projects.

Over the last six years my own practice has been inspired by data collected about micro-events occurring in my daily routine. A constant interest has been in questioning and playing with my role as artist. For previous works I have recorded data about my day-to-day life and used the readings to dictate the outcome of the artwork. I am currently looking to combine other factors, such as the audience's opinion of the artwork or their behaviour in the exhibition space, to cause instant effect on the artwork's appearance.

What are you most well known for?
Photographing everything I ate for a year for Eat 22, and curating the national touring exhibition Day-to-Day Data.

What are you most looking forward to about Hen Weekend?
Making new friends and contacts, and relaxing / enjoying myself after all the hard work getting the project up-and-running.

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Ellie Harrison
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