Diann Bauer

Lives in London
Attended event in Bexhill on Sea

I am interested in samurais and horror movies and seppeku and architectural drawings and the view from the Roosevelt Island Tram and big skies and 20th century utopian cityscapes and Fascist Italian 1930s railway stations and airplanes (Spitfires to Concorde to F16s to Stealth) and dog fights and explosions and the Jason and the Argonauts skeleton warrior scene and gloopy clouds and gloopy fluids and mid-air architecture (Lebbeus Woods being top pick) and the opening scene of Blade Runner and the shaky heads on the subway in Jacob's Ladder and swarms of birds, bees, planes and moving dark clouds and Baroque paintings with pastel skies and fat ladies and warriors at battle falling dripping and cascading all over one another and deep perspective (drawings) and the spatial organization of Hong Kong and hyper density and...

What are you most well known for?
Large paintings / installations that include violent images from 19th century Japanese prints and drawings appropriated from experimental contemporary architecture interwoven into an almost intelligible chaos.

What are you most looking forward to about Hen Weekend?
A weekend at the seaside with a gaggle of interesting intelligent women?!?! What’s not to look forward to?


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Diann Bauer
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